B. K. Birla College of Arts, Science & Commerce (Autonomous), Kalyan Affiliated to University of Mumbai
Dr. Ambedkar Studies Centre
The Centre was established in A.Y.2010-11. The following activities were conducted in the A.Y.2016-17:


The Centre organized a One Week Programme entitled as “SAMVIDHAN SAMMAN SAPTAH” from 26th November, 2016 to 3rd December, 2016. The following is a detailed report of the programme:

We at B.K. Birla College aim to inculcate constitutional ideals and values amongst our students. From past many years we are celebrating Constitution Day on 26th November by organizing a “Samvidhan Abhivadan Programme” to pay our respect to the Constitution. With the able guidance of our Principal Dr.Naresh Chandra and our Senior Vice-Principal Dr.Swapna Samel, this year a week long programme, “Samvidhan Samman Saptah” was organized from 26th November, 2016 to 3rd December, 2016 under the Dept. of Political Science, Dr.Ambedkar Studies Centre, Social Sciences Association and UGC Sponsored Entry Into Services Scheme.

With reference to the UGC Notice No.1101/0212016-CDN dated 7th Nov, 2016 regarding celebration of Constitution Day by observing Fundamental Duties, the following activities were conducted during the week long programme :

The programme started with a befitting salute to the Constitution of India by organizing a “SAMVIDHAN ABHIVADAN” programme on 26th November, the Constitution Day on the Main Stage, Main Building of the College at 9.00am. Our Principal Dr.Naresh Chandra paid a floral tribute to the Architect of the Indian Constitution, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar followed by the Senior Vice-Principal, Dr.Swapna Samel and Vice-Principals Shri. C D.Phadke, Dr.Avinash Patil and the Faculty members of the College.

On this occasion, the students of the college read the Preamble of the Constitution in three languages, Hindi, English and Marathi. The Pledge given in the above UGC Notification was taken by the Principal, Dr.Naresh Chandra,Vice-Principals, Faculty Members , Students and Non-Teaching Staff who were also present during the programme. A separate banner on Fundamental Duties was also put on display on the Main Stage during the programme so as to create an awakening amongst our students about the Fundamental Duties. At 10.30 a Guest Lecture on “Relevance of Indian Constitution in the 21st Century” was organized. Shri. Shukracharya Gaikwad, the Chairman of Dr.Ambedkar Bahujan Sahitya Parishad,2016 was invited as the Guest Speaker who spoke at length about the relevance of the Indian Constitution by discussing various issues like women emancipation, empowerment of Dalits and Adivasis, student empowerment etc.


(Our student volunteer reading Pledge in the Samvidhan Abhivadan Programme.)
(Students taking Pledge)


On 28th November , a Speech Competition was organized on topics like “Importance of Indian Constitution”, “Our Fundamental Rights”, “Fundamental Rights or Fundamental Duties” and “Basic Features of Indian Constitution”. The students delivered speeches in English and Marathi Language. Prof.(Mrs.)Priti Sawale delivered a Lecture on “Fundamental Duties: Relevance and Importance”.

On 29th November, an Essay Competition was organized for the student on topics like “Constitutional Amendments”, “Constitutional Law” , “Fundamental Duties” and “Need of Constitutional Laws”. Dr.Megha Devle delivered a Lecture on “Fundamental Rights:Importance and Issues”.

On 30th November, a Guest Lecture on “Indian Constitution: An Analytical Study” was organized for the students. Dr.Chandrasheel Tambe,Asstt.Professor,Dept.of Political Science,CHM College, Ulhasnagar was invited as the Resource Person. 86 students were present for this Guest Lecture.

On 1st December, a Poster Competition was organized on the themes like “Our Constitution”, “Constitutional Laws of India and Common Man”,”Fundamental Duties” and so on.

On 2nd December, a Guest Lecture on “American Elections-An Overview”was organized. Dr.John Upson, Associate Professor, Richards College of Business, University of West Georgia,USA who was the Visiting Faculty under Faculty Exchange Programme was the Resource Person for this Lecture. Dr.John Upson discussed major provisions related to U.S Elections as given in the Constitution of USA. The students of the Dept. of Political Science gave a Powerpoint Presentation on “Comparative Analysis of Indian and American Constitution”. The Faculty Members of Degree College also attended the lecture. The Students discussed many issues with Dr.John Upson on Indo-US Relations,Impeachment of President, Absence of Fundamental Duties in American Constitution etc.


(Dr.John Upson)


On 3rd December, a documentary on “60 years of Indian Constitution” was screened for the students. The students gave PowerPoint Presentations on Dr.Ambedkar and Indian Constitution.

“Abhivadan Programme”
Death Anniversary of Dr.Ambedkar 6th December, 2016

On the eve of the 61st Death Anniversary of Dr.Ambedkar, a Programme was organized on the Main Stage of the Main Building of the College at 8.55 am. On this occasion, Prin. Dr.Naresh Chandra, Senior Vice-Principal Dr.Swapna Samel, Vice-Principals Prof. Phadke, Dr.Avinash Patil were present with the Faculty Members and Students of the College. One of the Student of the College gave a Speech on the Life and Mission of Dr.Ambedkar.

On the same day, along with the UGC Sponsored Women Studies Centre, Dept. of Philosophy, the Department of Political Science, Dr.Ambedkar Studies Centre, Social Sciences Association organized a Programme in the New Seminar Hall. In this Programme Faculty Members discussed about the relevance of Dr.Ambedkar and his philosophy in the 21st Century.

A Movie on the Life and Mission of Dr.Ambedkar titled as “Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar” directed by Dr.Jabbar Patel was also screened for the students.

The Centre will organize a programme to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar on 14th April, 2017.