B. K. Birla College of Arts, Science & Commerce (Autonomous), Kalyan Affiliated to University of Mumbai
Central Library
Library Infrastructure
The Central Library is housed in a separate building of Ground plus one with a total area of 6000Sq.ft. The library is well equipped with heating, cooling, lighting and drinking water facilities creating an apt ambiance for studying. Internally the library is divided into various sections as follows:
Ground Floor: First Floor:
Technical section Periodical section
Reference section Audio-Visual Section
Kindle Library & OPAC Reading Hall
Circulation section Stack room
Stack room  
Every section is well equipped with furniture and necessary equipments creating a suitable working environment.

Library collection / Holdings
The Library has a rich collection of books, audio-visual materials, journals, magazines, newspapers and other reading materials covering a wide variety of subjects in English, Marathi and Hindi languages.

  • The total number of books including text books in the Central library as per Accession Register till – 31st March. 2017: 1,06,634
  • The total number of books including text books physically available in the Central library after weeding till – 31st March. 2017. : 76,005
  • The numbers of Standard Journals and Magazines: 121
  • Total Newspapers: 25
  • Total audio-visual materials: 1130
  • Total Bound Volumes: 324

Organization of the book collection
The books and other reading materials in the library have been classified and organized in accordance with their subject matter as per the 22nd edition of Dewey Decimal classification system.

Institutional Membership
  • American Library (US Consulate, Mumbai)

Library Timings
The timings of the library are more flexible for students and faculty. The library is kept open throughout the year except on public holidays. The reading hours of the library are: 8.30 A.M. to 5.30 P.M. on all working days except Sunday. During examinations (January-April) the library reading hall timings are extended till 9.00 P.M.

Library Staff
Librarian 1 Attendants 12
Assistant Librarian - Peons 3
Clerk 4 Sweeper 1
Total = 21
Library users
Students, Teachers, and administrative staff become regular readers of the library. The library facility is also extended to outside visitors as external members. Other persons who wish to consult books in the library occasionally, for specific purposes, can also be admitted for short period. On an average 500 - 800 users visit the library every day. Overall the library caters to the needs of approximately 9500 users.

Library Automation and ICT Applications
The Central Library activities and services have been automated using Libsys7 - a standard user-friendly web based integrated Library management software from Libsys Corporation, Gurgaon. The software facilitates automated acquisition of books and serials, circulation (issue - return) of books using barcode technology, stock verification and speedy access to bibliographic, location & availability information of the books and other reading materials. The ICT infrastructure includes 30 computers 6 printers and 1 scanner. The library is wi-fi enabled connected to the main server through Local Area Network (LAN) with domain configuration and anti-virus security for sharing of resources.