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Science Association, B.K. Birla College, Kalyan, organized First Lecture of the Eminent Scientist Lecture Series’, by Padmashri Prof. Dr. Sharad Kale, Retd. Head, Technology.

Transfer and Collaboration Division, BARC. This event was conducted for the science students of B.K. Birla College, under the Department of Biotechnology(New Delhi)- Star Status Scheme, by Dr. Maninder Kaur Dhaliwal, Chairperson, Science Association. Principal Dr. Naresh Chandra was the motivation behind this activity. About 300 undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. students along with around 20 faculty members of science were blessed to be part of the motivational heart -warming and an excellent human teacher’s talk.

Professor talked about the first and the best teacher of his life his mother, a semiliterate but highly cultured lady who taught him importance of culture, values, science in real life. She made his young son promise early in life that he will use 5% of his income for purchasing a book, which is to be read within a week. Through her day to day activities, she made all the children do the Diwali pooja of the broom and the Lakshmi together with equal reverence. She explained that the two are twin sisters, since Lakshmi stays with cleanliness. And the broom does service of the same for 364 days, hence we should be thankful and express our gratitude to it respecting it.

Sir also informed how in his school teacher he found the two inspiring lines of how the Indian System cannot be 100% successful since there are multiple leak points which are not being plugged. And young bright minds who can question the system should take up the challenge and make changes in the system. He said that the death of Dr. Homi Bhabha occurred in 1964, when he was class 7 student, to motivate him to pursue science for general betterment of life quality. He also called Dr. APJ Kalam his idol and also hoped that likewise he wants to die with his shoes on teaching students science.

Another important aspect discussed by Sir, was to ask questions and solve the doubts there and then itself to strengthen the foundation of our studies of science. Everytime a doubt seeded in the mind is like a weed if you don't remove and solve it, it destroys the whole plantation of knowledge done so far. And the insight that you gave to clear the doubts and to be strong in basics is very crucial. I loved the lecture so much sir and will make it done by my action. It was like you opened the doors jammed by dusts of waste thoughts which from the inside is so beautiful and is worth seeking.

He made students take an oath to not waste a single grain of food served in their dish since many people are going hungry around the world and the youth of today very rarely want to work as future farmers or producers of food. The youth lost in the maze of information technology need to focus on the basics and improve quality by simple living and high thinking. He motivated students to go and work at grassroot level and be the medium of change in India. He promised to conduct free workshops and provide Nisargruna, an NGO initiative to make B.K. Birla College develop the KDMC region free from garbage by recycling the organic food completely into manure and then cultivating basic vegetables and food on their own. He wanted the biggest return of his efforts by the initiative taking root in Birla students making whole of Kalyan free from the requirement of the dumping ground, municipal waste collecting vans, artificial manuring of potted plants by 15th September 2018.

He emphasized that this requires the electron or the negative particle of the atoms (our mind negativity) to be ejected out and used constructively to bond with the illiterate masses and make a positive bond of cleanliness, which is Godliness.





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