B. K. Birla College of Arts, Science & Commerce (Autonomous), Kalyan
Conducted by Kalyan Citizens' Education Society
Affiliated to University of Mumbai
ISO 9001: 2015 Certified | Reaccredited by NAAC (3rd Cycle) with ‘A’ Grade (CGPA – 3.58)

Institutional Distinctiveness

The distinctive feature of B. K. Birla College (Autonomous) includes array of initiatives for environment protection and spreading awareness about Climate Change. The College has taken several initiatives to encourage environmentally conscious practices every year. We involve students, teachers and members of society in our environmental vision by getting them engaged and involved through various initiatives on environment and climate change. One such activity was organized during the year 2019-20 was cycle distribution to students staying in the perimeter of 2-3 kms from the College to expand eco-friendly footprints. These cycles were continued by the faculty members.

Switching to cycling for more of our shorter journeys help to protect biodiversity. It creates less noise, less air pollution, and results in fewer emissions that are warming the atmosphere at the same time it is very effective for the students also. We took this initiative to protect our green spaces by showing its importance to communities.

On 27th August, the college distributed more than 10,000 saplings to the students, teachers and other members of the society to encourage tree plantation. The objective to make people aware of issues related to environment protection and climate change by conducting activities to make them accept the need for increasing the green cover and get them into action of planting trees. We are convinced that a sustained initiative like this will leave a lasting impression of about the impact of environmental remediation for generations to come.

The College conducted social outreach activities like drinking water quality analysis, Eco-friendly Ganesh festival celebration and River Walk to spread awareness and enthusiasm for sustainable practices.

The College continues to sustain the efforts to uplift the students, especially girls from socially and economically backward class through WSC / WDC, Gandhian Studies Centre, Dr. Ambedkar Study Centre and impart values and provide skills that make them socially responsible and take ownership of their lives. Full time Counselling help several students in improving their mental health and course to correct their careers and lives in general.
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